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Decorazione con farfalle
Decorazione con farfalle


Madeleine’s patisserie welcomes its guests by offering a takeaway service where you can select a wide variety of products such as warm, chocolate, flower or spice scented Madeleines.  Also, we suggest our tasty croissants, cakes and pies or more elaborate desserts such as our Truffle Tiramisu with choux pastry dipped into a thin chocolate Valhrona guanaja layer. The menu proposes many other choices like our Charcoal black tart in creamy caramelia, Mango Bavarois with passion fruit filling and a vast choice of macaroons with unique flavors from violet and cassis to truffle and hazelnut.

The renowned pastry chef Dario Nuti carefully followed the startup of these creations throughout months and has constantly experimented the perfect blend between taste and presentation of each plate.